Landing humanitarian airdrops in hostile territory, control the parachute to avoid fire while you fall.

Main action button is 5, like in the middle of a Nokia 3310

Fallbacks for people without a numpad:

  • Spacebar on desktop
  • Tap the screen on mobile

Additional controls useful in the download version:

  • F: toogle full-screen
  • Q: quit the game

This is my entry to this year's Nokia 3310 Jam, this year's theme is Fast & Slow which I implemented as the airdrop's speed as you open and close the parachute.  Fun fact: for extra realism the game is capped to 15FPS like on an actual 3310.

Warning: There is no winning end game, it generates projectiles forever and increases the rate every 100m until about 2000m so if you get that far you're good, try to beat your best score!

This game was written using the Ebitengine library, the code is open source and you can browse it on GitHub. The graphics and animations were drawn in Aseprite. The music was written in LMMS using the nokia_3310_soundfont2.sf2 made by Krasno using samples imitating Nokia 3310 sounds made by Eamonn Watt.


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freefall 8 MB
Version v1.0.1
freefall 8 MB
Version v1.0.1
freefall.exe 8 MB
Version v1.0.1

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Really Good!
I do think the digits on the end screen should have been bigger, because I had trouble telling what my best score was. Also I like the Music!

Thank you! ☺️ This was the “tiny.ttf” font recommended in the jam resources page, I will look for a slightly bigger font, thanks for the feedback.


If this had been a game on actual nokias, no doubt it would have become a classic that we would all remember fondly. Perfect game design for the context!


This was a really clever idea for a game! Music and presentation was charming, you nailed the art! 

Great work!