Find food. Stay dry. Conserve your energy. Some bugs are intentional...

Tap-and-hold left and right to jump through the caves to the fruit.

Cr1ckt was made for the 2021 GitHub Game off Jam, themed "BUG".

You can see visual updates of the game during its development tagged with #cr1ck_t on Twitter.


If you're playing the web version on desktop you have to click inside the window once after running the game to let the browser capture your input.

  • On desktop: tap left or right arrow keys to jump that direction
  • On mobile: tap the left or right half of your screen to jump that direction
  • The longer you press, the further you jump
  • If you hold for too long, tap both at once to cancel

High Scores Challenge

Post a comment with how many jumps it takes you to finish the game! 😉  🦗

The current leader is Thesryn with 70 jumps on 2021-12-02 playing on mobile web.

2nd place Acros with 74 jumps

3rd place OrangeJam with 123 jumps

Can you beat the developers?  😉

Source Code

Cr1cket is written in Go using the Ebiten library. The map is made with LDtk and loaded with ldtkgo.

You can read the full source code at:


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Version v1.7
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Version v1.7
Robbero_-_Sad_Night.mp3 9 MB
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Development log


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Nice, game. I found it quite relaxing. Very challenging to nail those jumps just right. I liked it